As a society, we are constantly plugged in receiving news updates in real time, keeping us connected with the latest across the globe. The news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination was announced over school PA systems across the United States informing youth, yet the passing of The Civil Rights Act was not given the same attention a year later. The horrendous acts on the morning of September 11th, 2001 will forever stay in our hearts, while the acts of September 17th, 1787 are not such common knowledge. Our children are inundated with information on ISIS, but remain oblivious to the workings of NATO and other significant Duers.

Most have experienced the feeling of trying to describe or sing a song for someone, but you can’t because a different song is going in the background? Our minds are the extent of our power, and our power is limited to the negative stories we are being fed by the media. What are we inspiring our children to be if they know more of Saddam Hussein then they do Condoleezza Rice? And what are we inspiring in ourselves?

With hate constantly being fed to us, it isn’t easy to remember love still exists.  The concept of heroes (Duers) seems to have all been an element of our past. Somewhere down the line we sold our souls and traded Dr. King for Dr. Phil and our greatest hope for the depths of fear.

Imagine if our minds didn’t have space for so much hate? Imagine if we were able to read the truth, and focus on love to heal the hurt. Imagine if we still had faith in Good Samaritans and The Golden Rule?  What would our children become? Could we create the change that is due? Could we become Duers too?

I’m sure by now you think this is a ridiculous concept. Maybe you think its impossible to fill our hearts with love, or maybe you don’t want to in fear that you’ll become a victim. Honestly, whatever it is I’m sure is valid. Now, tell me if you think this is a good alternative; 5 minutes, once a week, devoted to knowledge of Duers. With me so far? Great, now if that five total weekly minutes were to be filled with content that is true, unbiased information on those heroes we miss so much, Duers whose intent is to positively impact our world, could it be of value to you?  It’s hard to think it wouldn’t. Worst case scenario is that it will expand your philanthropic knowledge for awkward silences with the in-laws, or small talk with a stranger while you wait in those long lines to pick up a prescription.

Now that we’ve come to an understanding, let’s establish what you can expect. Five minutes of reading about Duers, posted every Saturday. The articles will be fact, not opinion based, so that you can gain a fundamental understanding of what it is that these Duers have set out to do. Love them or hate them, you’ll be able to establish a basic understanding of the waves they are making, and if you’re feeling extra-curricular, there will always be underlined links to more info on each Duer. That’s it.

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