American Society on Aging


American Society on Aging.


Originally known as The Western Gerontological Society, American Society on Aging was founded with the intent of spreading support, knowledge, and commitment for the elderly. By doing so, ASA aims to provide the highest quality of care and quality of life for aging adults. Providing advanced educational opportunities for professionals, publications and awards for those outstanding individuals caring for the elderly, ASA truly believes in supporting older adults physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically and socially. As an organization, ASA has 3 primary goals they are working to meet by the year 2020. These goals are:

1– “Broaden the definition of whom we serve as members, partners, and customers.”

2-“Enhance our programmatic content and the ways that people access that content.”

3-“Diversify the revenue sources needed to deliver what members, partners, and customers want.”


Home based in San Francisco, California, with over 5000 members worldwide.


1954: Founded initially as the Western Gerontological Society, American Society on Aging has grown significantly since.

1978: ASA gave their first ASA award to Alexander Simon. Since 1978, ASA has created several other awards encouraging those trailblazing in the sector of aging Americans.

2017: The organization will be holding their Aging in America Conference. Thousands attend yearly to teach, learn, and unite.


Join ASA, volunteer, take a course on one of their many topics, donate, find or post a job.


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