CARE International, founding director Wallace J. Campbell.


An international support organization, CARE provides relief to those in need in order to achieve their mission to “save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice“. As many injustices affect the impoverished, CARE has focused primarily in the areas they feel are most pertinent:

Emergency Response



Food Security

Women & Crisis

Climate Change

Economic Development

Water Sanitation & Hygiene

With the belief that the world will not see the end of poverty until the most marginalized of groups are given equal rights, CARE places women at the center of their organization. Providing these most affected groups with education, loans, emergency kits, and support groups, CARE’s aim is to lift families and communities from the ground up.


14 nations are involved in CARE’s global network, with reach spanning 95 countries and over 65 million people.


1946: The first CARE package (at that time called “Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe”) was delivered to France, as relief at the end of World War II.

1950’s: CARE packages then spread into Asia, as well as Latin America.

1953: With the widening of CARE’s reach, the organization’s name was then changed to “Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere”.

1960’s: The growth of CARE continued, entering African countries, and  adopting long term solutions such as recovery and rehabilitation.

1961: CARE began training volunteers to help manage the newly founded Peace Corps.

1980’s: Womens programs were created for generating income during Rwandas Civil War and the Persian Gulf War.

1993: CARE once again changed the organization’s name to embrace continual growth, donning the name “Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere”.


Support care by becoming a Volunteer, check for future events in your area, or make a donation (click here for financials).


We each have unique perspectives of the world based on our individual experiences. A Duer is someone that feels a personal responsibility to support the world in the most positive ways they know how. That means finding people and organizations that you have come to believe in and feel passionate about, and standing with them however you are capable. Whether your inspiration leads you to a donation or to the steps of the capitol, find the change that you believe is due.

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