Children of the Night


Children of the Night, Founder and President Dr. Lois Lee.


Children of the night is an independent organization dedicated to saving children from a treacherous life of prostitution. As victims that have historically been swept under the rug, these girls and boys require more than just a way out. Children of the Night rescues children ages 11-17 from the life of which they are victims, and works to remove social predispositions believing they are criminals. They provide legal help, shelter, education, physical and psychological medical care, and help in transitioning into adulthood. Children of the Night With Out Walls provides educational and mental health resources to those unable to join the traditional program. This way, children are not required to leave their families and communities in order to receive the support and assistance they need to prevail against prostitution.


Children of the Night is located in Van Nuys, CA, providing its services nationwide 24 hours a day. They have also supported and inspired similar programs in other countries, check them out here.


1979: Dr. Lois Lee began her passion of saving children from lives of prostitution by personally working to rescue them and give them shelter. Read her chilling and touching backstory here.

1981: In two years time, Dr. Lee welcomed over 250 children into her two bedroom apartment, in order to help them escape.

1984: President Ronald Reagan presented Dr. Lee with the President’s Volunteer Action Award for her astonishing and impactful work.

1985: The movie “Children of the Night” depicting Dr. Lee’s life work was released as the CBS movie of the week.

1988: Dr. Lee begun serving as an expert witness in cases against prostitution in cases on both state and federal levels.

1992: Children of the Night was officially licensed as a shelter home for children ages 11-17.

2012: Children of the Night successfully formed a relationship with the popular ad site backpage.com, that has historically been a hub for pimps to advertise prostitutes. Now Children of the Night is able to advertise their services, allowing more victims to find a way out.

2016: Over 10,000 victims have been rescued from prostitution since Children of the Night began, and continues to be the light at the end of the tunnel of prostitution.


Check out the shelter wishlist of specific items needed, or donate money here (financials here).


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