Convoy of Hope


Convoy of Hope, founded by Hal, Dave & Steve Donaldson.


Much of what we hear of on the news is initially sensational and as interest wanes, so does coverage. As the media moves on we tend to think the problems must be resolved. Unfortunately for places like Flint, Michigan, that is not always the case. Suffering through a crisis of tainted water since April of 2014, Flint residents (especially those with small children), have been forced to rely on bottled water for nearly all of their daily tasks. Luckily, an organization such as Convoy of Hope exists. It prioritizes the needs of those that lack the basic staples we take for granted everyday. More than 20 years ago Convoy of Hope hit the road, aiming to be amongst the first responders providing groceries, health screenings, job assistance and more to those affected by crisis.


Convoy of Hope operates a centralized location for the United States in Springfield, Missouri. Convoy of Europe operation is headquartered in Belgium.


1994: Convoy of Hope was founded by the Donaldson family.

2003: Convoy of Hope Europe was founded, aligning with the organization’s goal to feed the world.

2007: Feeding of children in impoverished countries around the world began.

2016: Since Convoy of Hope began delivering water to Flint in January, they have delivered over 300 truckloads to Flint residents.


Donate (check financials), Volunteer, buy merchandise.


We each have unique perspectives of the world based on our individual experiences. A Duer is someone that feels a personal responsibility to support the world in the most positive ways they know how. That means finding people and organizations that you have come to believe in and feel passionate about, and standing with them however you are capable. Whether your inspiration leads you to a donation or to the steps of the capitol, find the change that you believe is due.

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