The fervent warnings Stephen Hawking delivered while speaking at Oxford in November addressed a somewhat daunting reality. According to his calculations, Dr. Hawking says this planet will no longer be viable in around 1,000 years due to our mistreatment. Fortunately, Earthjustice has been actively fighting this damage for over 50 years with more reach now than ever. Their lawyers and staff advocate for the health of our planet and its inhabitants, and utilize the justice system to stand up against wrong doings. Earthjustice has 3 goals to a healthy and just world. These are:

The Wild: Wild animals and environments deserve to be protected and preserved for the present as well as our future.

Healthy Communities: Advocating for clean and mindful living, Earthjustice believes that clean air is a right worldwide.

Clean Energy and Healthy Climate: In the pursuit of a healthy planet with renewable resources, Earthjustice is at the backbone of the clean energy movement.


Earthjustice is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with various regional offices nationwide.


1965: Earthjustice began as The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, when their case against Walt Disney’s building of a large ski resort in the Sierra Nevada foothills known as Mineral King made it to the Supreme Court.

1972: After a loss on the original Mineral King case, The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund filed a second suit against the building of Mineral King. This time leveraging the perspective of those that would be negatively impacted by the build, justice prevailed for The Sierra Club the second time around.

1997: As The Sierra Club began to take on a diverse spectrum of environmental cases free of charge, they chose to change their name to reflect that diversity, thus calling themselves Earthjustice.

2016: Current campaigning of Earthjustice includes The Dakota Access Pipeline, Yellowstone gold mining, and preventing offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Check out current work here.


Stay updated by checking Earthjustice’s Action Center, or donate here (financials here).


We each have unique perspectives of the world based on our individual experiences. A Duer is someone that feels a personal responsibility to support the world in the most positive ways they know how. That means finding people and organizations that you have come to believe in and feel passionate about, and standing with them however you are capable. Whether your inspiration leads you to a donation or to the steps of the capitol, find the change that you believe is due.

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    A plnlgiesay rational answer. Good to hear from you.

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    lots of bloggers have not been so kind to Ducasse so it’s good to see something different. there’s definitely a movement toward ‘groupthink’ within the blog community so nice to hear an independent voice.

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