Native American Rights Fund


Founded by John EchoHawk, Native American Rights Fund.


The Native American Rights Fund focuses on applying existing laws and treaties for Native Americans to guarantee that national and state governments live up to their legal obligations. NARF has 5 priorities in which they focus:

Preserving tribal existence

Protecting tribal natural resources

Promoting Native American human rights

Holding governments accountable to Native Americans

Developing Indian law and educating the public about Indian rights, laws, and issues

Working closely with religious leaders, civil rights organizations, and other Native American groups, they help to shape laws to ensure the civil and religious rights of all Native Americans. Averaging over 50 major cases at any given time, many of which take several years to resolve, the staff of 16 attorneys is a constant advocate for Native Americans.


Headquartered in Boulder City, Colorado, with state offices in Washington D.C. and Anchorage, Alaska.


1971: Initially forming as a 3 lawyer staff, NARF has since expanded to a team of 16 legal representatives.

1972: With secured funding from the Carnegie Corporation, NARF then established the National Indian Law Library, currently located in Boulder, Colorado.

With numerous cases nationwide, NARF’s caseload has been extensive in its 45 year history, details on previous cases can be found here.


Donate (check financials here), or visit NARF’s online store for merchandise.


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