Project On Government Oversight


Project On Government Oversight, founded by Dina Rasor.


The Project on Government Oversight was designed to create a two-sided street of accountability between citizens and their government. They conduct thorough investigations to identify government corruption, fraud, and abuse, and take action against such findings. Through research publications and media involvement they encourage citizens to allow their voice to be heard, while POGO works alongside public officials ensuring change is implemented.

A current focus of the organization involves President-Elect Donald Trump and his business interests. POGO has joined a group of organizations penning a letter to Mr. Trump demanding he designate his business dealings to a blind trust. In doing so, it will ensure that decisions made for America are not in relation to his businesses or assets.


The Project On Government Oversight is conveniently headquartered in Washington D.C..


1981: POGO was founded as an investigation into military spending brought unsettling results (think: a $7,600 coffee maker).

1990: After gaining momentum in the military field, POGO expanded reach to also analyze waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government.

2012: The Center for Defense Information, a stronghold organization  responsible for exposing and challenging unethical military tacts, merged with POGO, thus increasing power and reach.

2016: Another large merger on the books, POGO has now paired up with The Center for Effective Government‘s 30 year legacy.


Visit the take action page to view current projects needing involvement, order a free “Provoke Accountability” bumper sticker, or donate here.


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