Southern Poverty Law Center


Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen presiding President.


Southern Poverty Law Center fights everyday to rewire the way our society views and embraces diversity. They leverage the power of education and litigation to firmly reject bias nationwide focusing on the issues of hate and extremism, children’s rights, immigrant justice, LGBT rights, economic justice, and criminal justice reform. With four sectors standing against these disparities in individual ways, SPLC attacks hate at every angle. These sectors are:

Fighting Hate: SPLC follows various hate groups across the United States with a close eye, passing on pertinent information involving their presence to the police, the public, and the media.

Teaching Tolerance:  SPLC provides multiple forms of free anti-bias materials to classrooms. They believe education is a highly effective avenue for creating a mindset of diversity and acceptance.

Seeking Justice: Southern Poverty Law Center’s 75 lawyers and advocates zero in on equal rights for those marginalized in our society.

Civil Rights Memorial: The Civil Rights Memorial SPLC has created is open to the public all day, everyday. It was created to expand knowledge and respect for the martyrs that gave everything to secure a future for the voiceless.


With headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, SPLC is at the heart of the rich history of the south. In addition, SPLC has state offices in Florida, Louisiana, and Missouri.


1971: Southern Poverty Law Center was founded by Morris Dees. Enlisting the help of Joe Levin, they begun doing pro bono work at the heart of the civil rights movement.

1981: SPLC started monitoring hate groups by starting the program Klanwatch, successfully stopping KKK training groups in various cities.

1998: Klanwatch was renamed The Intelligence Project, as it expanded to monitor other hate groups as well.

2004: Due to a successful settlement, SPLC was able to secure medical care for the severely ill and incarcerated.

2016: In response to the news of Donald Trump’s nomination as President Elect, SPLC penned a petition challenging the nominee to disavow himself from the hate groups vocally supporting him, as well as refuse to give such individuals a place in his administration. You can sign the petition here.


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We each have unique perspectives of the world based on our individual experiences. A Duer is someone that feels a personal responsibility to support the world in the most positive ways they know how. That means finding people and organizations that you have come to believe in and feel passionate about, and standing with them however you are capable. Whether your inspiration leads you to a donation or to the steps of the capitol, find the change that you believe is due.

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