From as early as three years old a learning disability can strongly effect a young person’s development, as well as their outlook on life. Understood is an organization composed of 15 non-profits working together to support children in their studies as they navigate through these difficulties. With a professional team, advocates, and a parent advisory board, they aim to grasp learning disabilities from every angle in order to maximize a child’s strengths as they grow. From basic information on various LD’s,  a parenting toolkit, as well as available games and ideas tailored for a kids specific needs, understood is a partner in education all the way into college years.


Understood has nationwide presence, check out local and community events here.


No timeline information about this organization was available at time of publication.


Donate, Click here to send a letter to your state representative encouraging them to advocate for education supporting the one in five children that struggle with a learning disability, take a quick survey here to contribute to data surrounding learning disabilities and health insurances role.


We each have unique perspectives of the world based on our individual experiences. A Duer is someone that feels a personal responsibility to support the world in the most positive ways they know how. That means finding people and organizations that you have come to believe in and feel passionate about, and standing with them however you are capable. Whether your inspiration leads you to a donation or to the steps of the capitol, find the change that you believe is due.

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