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Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN),  Rachel Rosen Degolia executive director.


UHCAN was founded to bridge the gap between the multiple agencies and organizations in the country that are fighting for the same justice. They work to create cohesiveness between individual state and national campaigns to rally for health care equality. Health Care equality goes further than just access to care, as UHCAN’s mission states, it is “to achieve affordable, quality, healthcare for all.” As they begun this work in 1992, UHCAN’s focus was on holding Bill Clinton to his campaign promises of universal health care, and from that point has grown and adapted with the ever changing political climate. Beginning with annual conferences and a monthly mailed newsletter, UHCAN has now adapted to the age of technology using social networking to their advantage, spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter, as well as launching UHCAN alerts and national calls.


“When we started, we saw UHCAN as a temporary network to address the needs of the early 1990’s. Twenty years later, we have no aspirations to become a permanent institution, but we aim to be here for as long as their is a need for the work we do. The need is still there, and so are we.” –UHCAN website


Originally founded at the Northeast Ohio Coalition for National Health Care, headquarters reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Since connecting and inspiring a national dialogue around healthcare is what they do best, UHCAN is aligned with groups and organizations in all 50 states.


1992: The Universal Health Care Action Network was founded in Cleveland, Ohio.

1994: UHCAN campaigned for Single Payer Across the Nation, directly supporting the “American Health Security Act”, fighting to make health care available to all.

2000: Launched The Faith Project, now known as Faithful Reform in Healthcare, which fights for justice amongst United States healthcare in relation to faith.

2006: Spearheaded The Health Partnership Education and Advocacy Project, giving incentives and initiatives over state use of medicare and medicaid programs.


Stay informed through UHCAN social media, check for alerts and national calls, donate here, and get involved with local health care advocates!


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